Wind Turbines :


Gecko are working with Evance to bring wind turbine technology as an energy solution.

As the importance of renewable energy continues to grow and use of wind as an energy source has perhaps been the best known.  Previously often discounted as "too expensive" or with the low performance yield of the micro "roof top" turbine; technical advances by Evance have brought the R9000 5kW wind turbine.

Designed to work at low wind speeds and without the requirement to switch off at high speeds, the R9000 produces a high energy yield.

Typical yield examples
Annual Mean 
Wind Speed
Predicted Annual
              5 m/s                      8,780 kWhrs        
              6 m/s                      13,186 kWhrs        
              7 m/s                      17,423 kWhrs        

The Evance R9000 is approved under the MCS scheme which recognises product reliability, durability, safety and performance.  With little maintenance, low noise output and sleek design the turbine provides a great option for homeowners, farmers, schools, businesses and community centres.
Site Requirements
  • ideally wind speeds of 5m/s at 10m above ground level.  Send us your postcode or your grid reference and we can find out for you.
  • Do you have a clear area that is exposed to prevailing wind?  The wind blade diameter is 5.5m and mounted on a 15m mast (10, 12 and 15m mast are also available).
  •  Is the proposed turbine position 75m from the nearest dwelling?  The R9000 is very quiet in operation, but not completely silent so typically we recommend 75m space between the turbine and dwelling.
  • In the UK planning permission is required.  A call to your local office giving an outline of your intentions should provide you with an indication of whether it will be looked at favourably.  Thereafter we can assist you with the process.


The Feed In Tariff

As well as reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your energy bills, the turbine can also generate income.  The Feed-in Tariff is a government backed scheme providing payments for:
  1. energy produced and used on site.  A payment will be made to the turbine owner for a fixed term period (eg £0.267 per kWhr produced)
  2. In addtion to the £0.267 per kWhr an extra £0.03 per kWhr is paid for all electricity exported back to the grid.

The Tariff is index linked, tax free and paid over a 20 year period.

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