Solar Thermal  :


Renewable energy using solar thermal modules 


All of the various component parts of the solar thermal hot water systems from leading European manufacturers like Velux fit together perfectly and are supplied together in one package. All you have to do is choose the appropriate solar thermal panel(s) and tank size and the complete system will be delivered.

As the solar thermal system supplies approximatley 55% of a home’s hot water requirements, it has been designed to integrate easily with the heating system within the home. The solar tank is compatible with most types of heating, such as heat pumps, gas, oil or solid fuel boilers. The solar tank can also be supplied with an immersion heater to provide hot water when there is little or no solar gain.

A complete solar thermal packaged solution 2
  • Complete solar thermal system for hot water
  • Supplies approximately 55% of hot water demands
  • Easy to specify, order and install
  • Maximises free solar energy from the sun

An ideal renewable energy solution for new developments and building renovations.

Gecko works with customers to assess the feasibility and size of a solar thermal soltuion, supplies complete packages and ensures the porject management of the complete installation. For further details please contact us.

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