Solar PV :


Renewable energy using solar photovoltaic modules 


One of the fasted growing technologies of recent years is solar photovoltaic (PV) which has been led by the need to find alternative, decentralised ways of generating electricity. Feed-in tariffs, in countries like Germany, have proved a strong incentive for property owners to invest in solar PV

Solar PV is a renewable energy system which uses photovoltaic modules on the roof of a building to convert light into electricity. Voltaic cells are made up of thin layers of semi-conducting material (usually crystalline silicon) which generate an electrical charge when exposed to direct light.

In the UK, the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has introduced feed-in tariffs to encourage building owners to install solar PV, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and helping to increase the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources. This is an important strand in the Government’s efforts to meet our target of 15% of energy generated from renewable sources by 2020.  

Generate your own electricity with Solar PV and receive up to 41.3 pence per kWh!3

From the 1st of April 2010 building owners who install solar PV and other low carbon electricity technology are paid for all the electricity they generate, including the electricity that they use. The rate for retro-fitted installations up to 4kW is 41.3 pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh), for new build 36.1p/kWh and for new and retro-fitted installations between 4kW and 10kW the rate is 36.1p/kWh. For installations between 10kW and 100kW the rate is 31.4p. These rates are in addition to the savings on electricity bills.  For surplus electricity not used within the building but fed back to the grid there is an additional 3p payment for every kilowatt hour exported.  Payments are  linked to inflation and will continue for 25 years from the installation date

For example, a typical 2.5kW solar PV installation could generate an income of up to £900 per year as well as saving £140 a year on electricity bills (an approximate 5% to 8% return on the initial investment). 

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