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Energy Management Systems (Audit, Measure and Report) 

LCC Gecko undertake a detailed survey of the buildings mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure and current energy implementation to establish where the most efficient and cost effective energy saving measures could be implemented.  We would then provide a detailed report, highlighting areas where our Energy Management System should be installed to provide the best monitoring efficiencies. 

Our in house consultants would also include Modelling of the structure detailing the existing and proposed design highlighting the Emissions and the savings that could be made if proposed changes are completed to the structure, which could be either to the Fabric or to the HVAC. The controls for any structure are crucial to the building emissions, this combined with correct lighting, heating and ventilation strategies will result in considerable savings and with experience most structures are able to demonstrate 20-40% savings. 

Highlighting the energy management and control opportunities which can be achieved will obviously differ from site to site depending on the installed M&E infrastructure and implementation of these assets: lighting, heating, air-conditioning, boilers, pumps, fans and water usage change in response to varying conditions such as time, temperature and light levels. Energy management system provides the facility to target and monitor a building, with a retrofit infrastructure installed in your building together with environmental sensors and input and output sensors. The energy consumption data and information are available live on any PC via the web based portal, allowing for live remote data collection. Ensuring accuracy and functionality of the installed building management system, an optional maintenance programme is recommended to check and inspect sensors, perform health checks on wireless devices and communication interface testing.

With a team of specialists the granularity of the systems is endless and as this is a retro fit system, we can accommodate multiple HVAC and complex structures effortlessly. LCC Gecko are able to work with you to deliver more efficient controls and HVAC solutions to achieve highly efficient environments.

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