Underfloor Heating  :


Heating from the floor upwards provides evenly distributed heat throughout a room together with a high comfort level.  Working at low temperatures this form of heat distribution is efficient, effective and economical.

Water is heated by a traditional boiler or renewable heat source such as a heat pump or biomass boiler and pumped around the floor through a series of pipes attached to a central manifold; from here the heat is transferred into the room via the floor.

The floor construction can vary, typically pipe in screed, however other methods are available

The floor construction and floor coverings will ultimately effect the efficiency of the system, with the pipe in screed and tile finish being one of the most efficient combinations.  Thereafter control of the flow rate will dictate the resultant room temperature; this can be controlled by the heat source eg with a heat pump or by room stats controlling the flow of heat to each room/zone from the manifold system.


Pipe In Pug
In timber suspended and batten floor construction pipe is laid on insulation layer between joists or battens and covered with a dry sand and cement mix (pug mix).  Rails can be used to fix pipes between joists and battens.  Variable pipe spacing can be achieved with this type of construction and good heat outputs achieved.  However consideration should be given to the additional weight in suspended floors.

Pipe In Plate
In a timber suspended, batten/sprung floor metal diffusion plates are used, these transmit the heat from the pipe to the plates to give heat dispersion substitute to screed.  Plates are avialable typically with 2 or 3 grooves and can be pre-insulated.

Pipe In Screed
A screed is excellent at storing, diffusing and emitting heat and offers a higher heat output at lower temperatures than any other floor type and is therefore the most efficient.
Gecko will help design the most suitable system for your project whether domestic or commercial.  We can provide guidance on integration with other technologies, choice of control and floor construction.  Detailed design drawings will be produced and a complete package put together to ensure ease of installation,f
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