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Air, Sound and Thermal Services  

Air Permeability Testing 

The Design Air Permeability for the building will be determined by designers as part of the overall BER (Buildings CO2 Emissions Rate) calculation. A higher air permeability test result can be accepted if the recalculated BER remains better than the TER (Target CO2 Emissions Rate)  When providing Air Test services to our clients we are able to provide a personal, helpful, efficient and cost effective service.

We would strive to give you clear accurate answers without the hype, so you can make informed decisions. With  many years experience and have evaluated hundreds of homes and commercial structures for Air Permiability Tests.


Sound Testing 

Consultancy works undertaken to advise on the different construction methods that can be used to comply with Sound Insulation requirements for: 

• Houses and flats to comply with Part E of the Building Regulations
• Houses & Flats to comply with Eco Homes.
• Classrooms within schools to comply with
 We also carryout various noise surveys for the following

Planning Noise Surveys (PPG24)
Planning/Noise Mapping Surveys
Acoustic Consultancy Services
Background/Air Conditioning Noise Surveys
Transportation Noise Surveys
Industrial Noise Surveys
Construction Noise Surveys
Wind Farm Noise Assessment
Noise at Work Surveys
Irrigation Pump Surveys
Petrochemical Noise Surveys
Entertainment Noise Surveys
Noise Nuisance Surveys

Thermal Services

Infrared thermal imaging provides the best method of confirming full continuity of Insulation to cavity walls etc and the avoidance of cold bridging. It can also identify air leakage pathways (and heat loss pathways) in a building envelope, in summary its main benefits are:

Quick inspection.

Results easily shown in pictures.

Shows location of air leakage.

Shows thermal insulation defects.



We use the latest detection equipment with fully trained personnel to achieve reliable results in the most demanding building applications.

Our in-house team of Assessors are fully accredited meaning that they are perfectly placed to support our clients from the initial planning stages of a development to the final completion of a build.

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