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Part L Compliance

The UK Government signed up to the European Performance of Buildings Directive of 2002. This required EU member states to commit to certain targets and timescales regarding the reduction of CO2 Emissions. Anyone involved with property development needs to ensure from the outset of the project that they are going to be able to comply with Part L of the 2006 Building Regulations for England and Wales.


In order to hit the target, which will depend amongst other things on the heating & ventilation and lighting regimes adopted, it is prudent to get a professional Building Services M & E Design Consultancy involved with the project from inception. It is often very difficult and costly to adapt designs to meet the regulations after the initial conception stage. 



·         Part L1A & L1B relate to new and renovated dwellings respectively.

·         Part L2A relates to new build and large extensions of non-dwellings.

·         Part L2B relates to renovation, refurbishment and smaller extensions of non-dwellings.



With Government approved Assessors and consultants, experienced in the planning and design to meet the new legislation in terms of the ecological impact for both new and existing structures. Qualified to assess energy ratings and CO2 emissions and issue Energy Performance Certificates for both in the Domestic and Commercial buildings, LCC Gecko  are able to work with you to deliver more efficient designs and structures.

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