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Lighting Solutions (Energy Efficient Design) 

Energy Efficient consultancy 

Illumination in the workspace is often the single largest electrical consumption and cost in non air conditioned buildings. Lighting may account for anything up to and even exceeding 40% of electricity costs in naturally ventilated offices. Good lighting design can reduce these running costs , internal heat gains, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.

 To have energy efficient lighting solutions: 
  • maximise natural daylight
  • avoid unnecessarily high illuminance
  • use the most efficient luminaries available, control gear and lamps
  • include effective lighting controls

Within the overall design requirement, lamps with the highest efficacy, and circuits with the lowest losses, should be selected to minimise installed load and running costs. 

 The factors involved in lamp selection are: 

  • luminous efficacy (lumen output/watts input)
  • rating (consumption watts)
  • mortality (rated life of the lamp)
  • lumen maintenance (lumen depreciation over life)
  • operating position (in some cases this may affect efficacy)
  • size (physical properties can affect optical efficiency of light control)
  • control gear type and controllability (switching or dimming)
  • colour appearance (appearance of the source in terms of ‘warm’ or ‘cool’)
  • colour rendering
  • starting, run-up and re-start times
  • minimum starting temperatures.

Retrofit LED Lighting.  

LED’s have been around for over ten years but have not been bright enough to be used for general lighting in homes or businesses. The major challenge has been to gain sufficient light power without generating heat, which significantly compromises the lifetime of the LED light.  High light power LED lights for indoor retrofit and new build use as well as for outdoor applications such as street and petrol station lighting.  The new semi-conductor and light designs enables sufficient light power to be developed so that it is possible without compromising the significant energy savings and long life (up to 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of continuous use) possible using LED. For indoor applications, a range of lights with the capacity to replace approximately 70% of existing indoor lights are now available.

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